About Us

We are a team of enthusiasts (guides and tour operators) hardly trying to show you the beautiful face of the Eastern Europe (particularly Roumania) as we see it: wild, mysterious, old, lively, fascinating, beautiful. A piece of world to be discovered.

We bring on market a new concept, brick made tours, pieces of an entire package, built like lego, from different elements, so you can build your desired tour. More then that, most of our members are members of AER (Association Eco Romania), we bring only sustenable travel tours. Tours are made in slow speed, to help you understand the places, the people and the moment. All our guides are doing this from passion first, then as a job, so they will be happy to take you into a fascinating world, ready to be discoverd.

Our main area are Transylvania and the Danube Delta. We have here the best tours, guides and operators. We know what, when and how to be done here.

So, please take a look at our programs, tell us what you like more!

Being in the travel business for more then 10 years, has given all of us the experience to create amazing, adventures for each and every one of our customers. Each travel programe and package, we create is brick made to your unique, individual interests thereby giving you the best of what your desired holiday has to offer.
Choose your favourite programe from our selection, then include further side excursions and experiences.
Our guides and tour leaders are great communicators who combine exhaustive knowledge of Romania with infectious enthusiasm for nature, history, culture, and people. They help you to ensure that every journey runs smoothly and every tourist gets the most out of the travel experience.



Create your perfect experience by picking your favourite packages from our site!
We will advise you how to built the best one!


  1. Pick your programs
  2. Tell us what you choose
  3. We’ll tell you our availability, we’ll suggest you the best way to link the programs … and more, our travel consultants can offer you some other elements (even if are not visible on the website) for a better experience.
  4. You come to Romania, we bring your dreams to reality

Now, go back at home page, see our exclusive programs, choose your briks and tell us what you prefer. We’ll make you a perfect holliday. We promise!



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