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This Eastern part of Romania, Dobruja, including also Danube Delta, is the reachest place in BIRDS from Romania. More then 400 species of birds can be seen here during a year. Our tours take place in both countries which share Dobruja: Romania and Bulgaria. We have the best team of GUIDES, specialized on this area. All of our tours are suitable for both the novice and experienced photographer.

Birdwatching Day Trip to the Danube Delta, Private
We give you the opportunity to discover the amazing world of birds in the Danube Delta, in one day, together w..
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Birdwatching Tour 7d/6n, Danube Delta + Dobruja - Private
Danube Delta is the water kingdom and Dobruja is the opposite, dry land of many kinds: steppe, forest, plains,..
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Birdwatching Tour in Dobruja - small Private Groups
This Eastern part of Romania, Dobruja, including also Danube Delta, is one of the reachest place in BIRDS and ..
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Birdwatching Tour in the Danube Delta - Private
Danube Delta is rightly called the paradise of birds in Europe, as you know, over 300 bird species live or pas..
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Dobruja in 2 Countries - Romania and Bulgaria - Places and Birds 7d/6n - Private
Dobruja is a strange and beautiful land, wich is distinct from its hinterland and has its own features, a land..
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Sibiu Guided Birdwatching Day Trip - private program
A professional guided birdwatching trip, starting from Sibiu. Can be a birding tour done by car or can be mixe..
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Winter Tour in Dobruja - Searching for Red-breasted Geese - Private program
Dobrogea should be on every seasoned nature enthusiast's bucket list for 2018/2019. Winter is a ..
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