Danube Delta Private Tour at 3*, in Mila23, trips included - full board

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A PRIVATE TOUR to the Danube Delta means a tour where all the guide’s attention goes only to your family / group. We offer you a dream tour to the Danube Delta, with all the essential elements included (we really know what is essential :-))

This private tour include: transfers on water, accommodation at one of our premium 3* guesthouses in Mila23 Village (depending on availability, at booking, we’ll confirm you which guesthouse is available), half board (breakfast and lunch), trips to the most interesting destinations in the Danube Delta.

Excursions included in the price! Can be day trips to lakes of the most wild lakes and chanels in the Danube Delta, a day trip to Letea Village and Letea Forest (a mixed trip, on land and on water), a day to Sulina City, the Eastern City of Romania, with free time for Sulina Beach, a day trip to Sfantu Gheorghe (Saint George), at the end of the Delta, a day trip to Caraorman Village and Caraorman Forest OR! you can choose also day trips with canoes. All the program is assisted by one of our guides, best-reputed team of guides in the Danube Delta.

  • The best team of guides in the Danube Delta, with 13 years of experience in this field, members of the Danube Delta Professional Guides Association.
  • Very good conditions for accommodation and meals.
  • Original programs, created and developed by us, in very good logistic conditions.
  • Programs with fixed price (no hidden charges)
  • We have boats built specifically for tourism, stable and secure.
  • We are constantly in the Danube Delta, we know that changes every day, where birds and animals are.

How it works:

PRIVATE TOUR means we dedicate this tour 100% to your group (family), you’ll have a boat and guide only for you. You’ll can adjust the schedule as desired, departure / arrival time for trips or any other elements of you tour can be chosen as you wish.

We DO NOT bring more people/groups toghether to get a lower price/person but we just want to offer the highest quality to each customer. The price / person in the table below refers to the number of people (ADULTS) in your group.


We do this tours from April 15 to October 15.

The price of this program is:

No of persons 3d/2n 4d/3n 5d/4n 6d/5n 7d/6n
2 nights accommod / 1 day trip 3 nights accommod / 2 day trips 4 nights accommod / 3 day trips 5 nights accommod / 4 day trips 6 nights accommod / 5 day trips
Fisherman’s House Vanessa Dalmatian Pelican Alexandru Alexandra Fisherman’s House Vanessa Dalmatian Pelican Alexandru Alexandra Fisherman’s House Vanessa Dalmatian Pelican Alexandru Alexandra Fisherman’s House Vanessa Dalmatian Pelican Alexandru Alexandra Fisherman’s House Vanessa Dalmatian Pelican Alexandru Alexandra
2-3 pers 520 480 460 460 740 700 680 680 1000 960 940 940 1270 1220 1170 1170 1550 1460 1440 1440
4-5 pers 320 290 270 270 470 440 420 420 630 590 620 620 780 750 790 790 940 880 860 860
6-7 pers 300 280 260 260 450 420 390 390 600 560 540 540 760 700 660 660 900 850 830 830
8-9 pers 280 260 240 240 400 380 360 360 550 520 490 490 690 650 600 600 800 740 720 720
+10 pers 260 240 230 230 380 350 330 330 500 470 450 450 630 590 550 550 730 660 640 640
Single suppl 50 45 190 190 75 70 65 65 100 90 85 85 125 115 105 105 150 135 125 125

Price is in EURO, per person and include VAT.

*For 3,5,7,9,11 pers in group, a single room is included. If you require more singles, please see the last line of the table.

Included in this price:

  • Accommodation, at a three star guesthouse, in a double room, for the chosen number of nights.
  • Full board (starting with dinner on the first day and ending with breakfast on the last day)
  • Guided (english) day trips. Always the first and last day are dedicated to transfers, the rest of the days are dedicated to activities (excursions). Details in the table above.
  • The transfers by boat from Tulcea to Mila23 and back
  • All necessary taxes, enforced by the local authorities (ARBDD)

Optional commodities:

The offer doesn't include:

  • Drinks from the bar.
  • Any other servicies not specified in the program.
  • Any kind of insurance.
  • Lunch meal – it cost 12 euro/pers on each guesthouse or to Letea Village (you pay directly, cash only, where you eat). To Sulina and Sf Gheorghe are restaurants, you pay what you order.

Prices for children:

  • Children up to 6 years are charged 25% of the package.
  • Children 6-12 years pay 50% of the package
  • Children over 12 years are included to adults.
  • Responsibility of children's supervision during trips belong to parents
  • All children will wear life jakets during boat trips.

* In some situations we might require a birth certificate for children.

Details for PRIVATE Danube Delta Tour to Mila 23 – 3*

Proposed schedule (ex. of 4d/3n program):

Day 1 – We will wait for you at Port Aval - Tulcea, at 16:00 hour, the cars can be parked in the Port yard, in a private parking, at a cost of 2.5 euro/day (the parking price is not included in the tour price).
From here we will take you to Mila 23 Village. We will travel by boat, through one of the most beautiful parts on Danube Delta, on the route Canal 36, Sireasa Channel, Sontea Channel, Olguta Canal, Old Danube Canal, Mila 23 Village. You will be checked-in to the chosen guesthouse.
In the evening we will prepare for you a traditional fish dinner. After the dinner we will discuss what we have planned for you next.

Day 2-3 - In the morning, after breakfast, we depart for the day trip. We'll do the routes together, accordingly to what you want to see.
If you wake up in the morning, we can make this trip at sunrise, there is nothing more beautiful than a boat trip through the morning mist and the warm light of sunrise in a fantasy world full of life and movement.

Day 4Breakfast at 8:30 then at 9:30 we will head back to Tulcea, following the same route as day 1. We will reach Tulcea around 13:00, where we will end our trip and say our goodbyes.

Danube Delta Accommodation, Mila 23

The accommodation for this program is done in a very beautiful 3 stars local guesthouse, exclusively in our portofolio. Are small guesthouses, with 7-8 rooms, where the programs are running in a quiet mode (without weddings, baptisms or discos overnight)
Courts are very large and well manteined, full of flowers, but also with places to rest or read.
Guesthouse facilities: central heating and hot water, restaurant (only for the house guests), TV, Wi-Fi, sunbeds.
Rooms facilities: AC, TV, folding beds for children up to 12y (free of charge).

Trips and Transfers by boat to the Danube Delta

Excursions and transfers are done with an open boat, very secure, stable, equipped with pillows and backrests of high quality materials, the seats are transversally placed on the boat so all the tourists are facing the drive direction and the visibility is not impeded by anything.

The gas for trips in the Danube Delta, both for the boat and for the car you will visit Letea Forest is included in the price. You will not have other surprises on the spot.

Our travel speed is low, we are specialized in slow trips, designed to discover the Danube Delta and not in high speed transports from which you have nothing to see. Our boats go at an average speed of about 10 km / h and we stop at all the points of interest for enjoying the wonderful landscapes, for some photos of the Delta fauna and flora, to have what looks like home. In no case will we turn our trip into water sports or boating.

*The order of the trips can be different, you can choose the trips, the order and the hours for trips.

Guide in the Danube Delta

Guide who will drive the boat is a great connoisseur of these places, birds and nature in the Danube Delta, a very passionate of the Delta nature. A trip with a good guide in Danube Delta is a service that very few can provide it qualitative as we do it.


email  Email: office@alternativetravel.ro

telefon whats up sms Tel: +40 757 894 456  |  +40 740 357 073

This program is done with minimum 2 persons subscribed!


Bookings are done based on a deposit of 20% of the total price of the program you choose.


You can pay the deposit by:

  • ONLINE, by card, using EuPlatesc (iPay) system
  • PayPal

We also take Holiday Vouchers (only Romanian). You can pay in any currency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The price difference will be paid to arrival, in cash (RON or EUR) or by card (any currency) or any of the payment systems from above.

Before booking please read the terms and conditions, request a booking implies acceptance of terms and conditions.

For booking, please click on the green button below.



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